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At Skybertech we realize and treat technology as an indispensable part of your business and as something that has the power to drive your growth and progress. The Virtual CIO/CTO services offered by us help in creating a clear-cut road map for your business offer collaborative input on technology products and processes budgeting and a total Virtual CIO / CTO consultation to the high-end executive expertise that you require.

Skybertech, with our team of business leaders, technology experts, and technical staff, delivers the best IT support for businesses from across the globe. Our team has embraced the managed service provider model and we go the extra mile to deliver the best IT support. We have a long track record of success in the field on an individual basis as well as that of our organization.

The key cornerstones of our services are Strategic and Operational Advice, Technology Risk Management services, Product and Roadmap Development, Technology Procurement and more. Our Consultation Process commences with a thorough study of your existing IT infrastructure and processes.

The Process


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The Consultation Process starts with a thorough examination of your existing IT infrastructure and processes. Meanwhile, we also study the nature of your business and the particular requirements of your industry segment. We understand the key priorities that drive your business and objectives. We understand the success metrics vital to your segment. We host advisory meetings with your management and IT team. After research, we assess the organization’s technical environment and discover if there are any requirements for tech update.

We set the priorities and help you with the documentation. We help you develop annual IT budgets and priority reports. This is to develop a long-term technology strategy for IT up gradation and cost-cutting. By building an understanding with your IT team, we create fluid communication with them and create a procedure for quick support and coordination between teams.

We prioritize activities according to your needs and help you create and maintain a long-term technology plan. Then the schedule of the implementation plan is drawn up and the activities are set into motion. Skybertech coordinates with your IT team and management to ensure implementation of the plan to achieve the priorities. We take a wide view of our client’s needs and focus on their IT and Business alignment. We set about planning your technology roadmap and identifying the opportunities where new technology tools can be utilized for creating an advantage.



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