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Why rely on SKYBERTECH?

Skybertech brings to the table professionals with a deep understanding of the nuances and dynamics of the global business environment and the IT landscape. Skybertech which came into being in 2016, was founded and led by Suresh Kumar, a veteran in IT development who has headed the IT department of several Multi-National Companies.

Skybertech had its origins from the deep understanding and observations of Suresh Kumar of how many organizations relied blindly on external vendors to make recommendations on critical equipment and software.The enhancements to the IT infrastructure of many corporate companies were entrusted to low level IT employees lacking the level of understanding and experience to take key decisions that would have far-reaching consequences. The damages caused by both these instances have been a major factor in bringing down many progressive organizations

The most dynamic companies have realized that in this information-driven world of today, especially with trend-breaking and disruptive technologies lurking in the background, the role of CIO / CTO will be vital to their very existence. Many of the businesses may have very little to do with IT and their key focuses are in other areas. Nevertheless, it would not be feasible for them to have a full-time role for such high-ranking professionals – and thus, it makes good sense to entrust that role to Skybertech. This enables them to arrive at informed decisions quickly on a host of issues like technology upkeep, IT strategy, infrastructure architecture, personnel acquisition, procurement and more.


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